Me — My name is Magnus Skoglöf. And I am a Swedish guy who loves people and food. The only competition for my passion for people and food? Photographing people and food. And I do it for no other reason than I cannot not do it. Because that’s just the way I was made. I know this, because when I was a kid, I stole/loaned my mothers camera and improvised a dark room in the wardrobe at home. But then? I grew up. Mostly. And became a big city boy. Sort of. And now? I have a studio in Stockholm. And it’s not even in a wardrobe. I see this as progress.

More about me — I am getting a little bit older. I realise this when I say things like this: “I have 25 years experience as a professional photographer”.

Even more about me — I am obsessed with improving every shot until it's as perfect as I can get it.

The What:   Reportage. Portraits. Food.

The Where: Monthly magazines, food magazines, papers, books, guidebooks, corporations and TV in Sweden and Europe.

The Who:    Actors, chefs, professionals, nobility.


My vision is to capture two things. Portraits that show soul and strengthen people; and professional gastronomy food shots that are so attractively engaging, they are tangible to the senses.
My drive? Is to feed my passion. My passion for food. My passion for people — especially those who are impassioned. Regardless of whether it concerns food preparation or a person’s life. That’s a whole lot of talk about passion. I know. But I feel privileged to see, experience and learn. And I do my best to capture that soul.


This is how I like to do it: ‘Make things easy’.

Yes. Easy. Because when I am working, I like to make things easy for everyone involved; go with the flow; be adaptable; no drama. This way I can truly capture the moment, the precision point when the essence of the food pops and soul of the subject shines.

Moments of precision. Moments of honest beauty. That’s what I am after.

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